Rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a “nose job” is a plastic and/or reconstructive procedure that improves the appearance and/or function of the nose.

Why Undergo a Rhinoplasty?

The main motivation for a rhinoplasty is cosmetic aiming to correct an undesired appearance of the external nose: dorsum hump, tip deformities, wide base, etc. It is also performed as a reconstructive procedure following a trauma / injury and can also serve patients who suffer from breathing difficulties.

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What are the Risks Involved?

The Rhinoplasty is a complex, but relatively safe surgery. At BESH we perform dozens of rhinoplasties per year and have not had any major incidents. However all surgeries do come with some risks that you will be made aware of.

The main risks involved have to do with bleeding, swelling and as is the case with all surgeries: an adverse reaction to anesthesia – this can be a local or general anesthesia depending on the case.

Side Effects of the Surgery

Like any surgery there are some side effects that one must keep in mind:

  • There will be some bleeding and swelling of the nose
  • Your doctor will dress your nose and tape a wooden or plastic splint to your nose to support it
  • There may be some bruising, this is case-dependent
  • You will also have to take precautions to avoid any contact with the nose and thus avoid any extra bleeding e.g. no sports, do not blow your nose, do not strain your face

Recovery Time

It usually takes a week of rest before you can go about and continue your daily activities (with limitations). The swelling however may take up to a few months to fully resolve.

What to expect during rhinoplasty surgery?

  • Following your consultation you will be directed to the Surgery Scheduling Department where the following information will be provided:
    1. Date and time of your pre-operation medical examinations
    2. Amount to be paid / paperwork to be completed
    3. Date and time of your surgery
  • Pre-operation medical examinations will take place 24-48 hours before the surgery – please arrange to spend approximately 2 hours at the hospital
  • On the day of surgery you will be admitted to a room to wait for your surgery slot
  • Following induction to the operating room you will be put under anesthesia
  • Following the surgery you will be back in your room to have a quick rest and then you are good to go
  • A post-op visit will take place the following day
Shana KhodariShana Khodari
13:32 02 Jan 24
Very good experience. Super satisfied with the result! Thank you!!
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Excellent and friendly staff from the nurses to surgeon!
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I did the smile operation and the experience was amazing. The doctor, the nurses and the staff were so professional! They explained everything from the beginning! Thank you!!! Highly recommended!
Mira MneimnehMira Mneimneh
20:17 24 Dec 23
Great Hospital. Very organized and neat. The staff is very friendly. I called outside working work, and they called me back directly! I took the appointment very quickly. The hospital is equipped to get you fully checked and prepared for the surgery.My doctor was the best!They followed up with me after my surgery to make sure everything was going well with me.
Carlos MartinezCarlos Martinez
13:52 21 Dec 23
Great team! Excellent experience... The team is very supportive and professional ! Thank you!
Leila SrourLeila Srour
13:41 21 Dec 23
Top notch overall experience with Dr. Elias Jradi and team.The whole process of pre and post surgery was streamlined in such a smooth manner. Kindness, professionalism, genuine care made me feel super comfortable and happy with the end result. Cant thank them enough for their highest of standards in value, care and attention!!You are in safe and good hands under Dr.Jradi’s invaluable team:)
Michel HaddadMichel Haddad
13:14 21 Dec 23
The PRK surgery that I had here went smoothly.Excellent service, friendly staff and especially Dr. Jrade who handled the operation perfectly.Highly recommended for anyone with eye problems.
Nicole MelkiNicole Melki
14:58 19 Dec 23
I have been followed up in Besh since Years, by Dr Ziad Khweir. I can’t recommend him nor the hospital enough for the wonderful work they Have been doing. Such an empathetic professional and loving team. I have visited so many Drs all over the world and visited many eye hospitals; yet, and very objectively i have never been followed that closely and that ethically by anyone else. Dr Khweir knows very well the scope of his work and in case of Co morbidities, he knows the limit of whAt he does and recommends excellent colleague of his at all times. I am blessed to be his and Besh s patient.
Yasmeen LamaaYasmeen Lamaa
08:25 05 Dec 23
Overall, my experience at BESH hospital was a pleasant journey. The surgery was very smooth and seamless. Both the staff and the doctor were very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend them to be your first option!
fouad debsfouad debs
11:35 28 Nov 23
I am writing to share my incredibly positive experience with the intralasik eye surgery I recently underwent at BESH. From start to finish, the care I received was truly exceptional. The professionalism of the entire staff, including the skilled doctors, attentive nurses, and supportive support team, was noteworthy. They not only demonstrated a high level of expertise but also made sure I felt comfortable and well-informed throughout the entire process.Communication was excellent, with the medical staff taking the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and answer all my questions. I felt well-supported at every step, which significantly eased any pre-surgery apprehensions.The post-surgery care was just as impressive. The recovery process was smooth, and the follow-up care provided by the BESH team demonstrated their commitment to patient well-being.I wholeheartedly recommend BESH Hospital to anyone considering similar procedures.
Lynn KhamisLynn Khamis
09:23 28 Nov 23
Layal AadLayal Aad
09:28 27 Nov 23
Best hospital with dr elias jradeh and jinane karameh
Wafic HarbWafic Harb
14:42 23 Nov 23
I did the SMILE surgery, and it’s the best investment I made. I highly recommend it.
Emilie AntounEmilie Antoun
14:25 23 Nov 23
Best team ever,many thanks for you, my husband make p r k surgery it was perfect
09:55 21 Nov 23
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Rayan MasriRayan Masri
13:00 20 Nov 23
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Ali YoussefAli Youssef
15:06 16 Nov 23
The operation was really smooth, zero pain , vision was 💯 back after few hours, great service and professional team . I highly recommend