Patient Journey

  • Initial doctor consultation
  • Doctor may request necessary eye scans / investigations to determine whether to proceed with surgery
  • Patient visits the Surgery Booking office to set a date
  • BESH staff will manage all the paperwork and inform the patient of any fees
  • Staff will communicate date for pre-op exams


Patient visits BESH to perform all necessary pre-op examinations which include:

  • Medical File opening
  • Anesthesia doctor consultation
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Blood tests
  • EKG / Cardiologist visit


  • Present for admission process, a double check that all papers are in order
  • Patient is assigned a room and visits the ward for preparation
  • Patient is transferred to the OR and surgery takes place
  • Patient is transferred to room for a quick 2-3 hour recovery before being discharged


  • Patient visits BESH the day after surgery for a quick post-op consultation with the surgeon
  • The recovery and treatment plan is discussed and agreed