Patients’ Responsibilities

Provide Information

Patients are responsible for providing complete information about their health condition to the physician, nurses, and staff responsible for providing medical services (present complaints, past illness, hospitalizations, allergies, medications and other related matters)

Report Pain/Discomfort

Patients should report pain to their nurse or doctor, discuss pain relief options with physicians to help develop a plan for pain management and tell their nurse or doctor if their pain is not alleviated

Comply with Provided Instructions

Patients are responsible for complying with the treatment plan recommended by the doctor responsible for their care. They are responsible for following instructions provided by nurses and doctors

Comply with Hospital Rules and Regulations

Patients and their families are responsible for complying with hospital rules and regulations

Respect Hospital Staff and Visitors

Patient should make an effort to respect the obligation that hospital staff must provide medical treatment to other patients; they should respect the rights of other patients and hospital personnel (rules that control noise, smoking, etc.)

Fulfilling Financial Obligations

Patients and/or their third party payor are responsible for fulfilling the financial obligations of the care provided by BESH

Providing Insurance Credentials

Patients who are covered by health insurance should present their official ID as well as their valid insurance identification card such that hospital officers can verify insurance coverage and payment